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We work with the best

Our clients expect the very highest standards from us, which is why we also demand excellence from our hand-picked selection of technology partners.

Our Technology Partners

Morae’s multidisciplinary approach combined with decades of experience in implementing third party technology solutions ensures we can help you to cut through the media hype and architect the ideal solution to suit your specific needs. We work with the following array technology partners for a wide range of legal, compliance, and business solutions.


Onit is a pioneering leader in enterprise legal management and contract lifecycle management software platforms.

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iManage shares our focus and deep experience, as well as our commitment to service excellence, for document management solutions.

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Cloud-based eDiscovery on the RelativityOne platform with secure processing, review, hosting and production by Morae.

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Zapproved offers a trusted solution for automating the legal hold process to meet data preservation obligations.

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Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer offers a trusted solution for automating the legal hold process to meet data preservation obligations.

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DocuSign is the market leader in digital signature technology and also offers a great solution for contract lifecycle management.

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A privacy & regulatory compliance platform for multiple content systems.

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Callminer offers advanced, enterprise-ready speech analytics for eDiscovery and proactive compliance programs.

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Brainspace offers one of the most comprehensive and advanced data analytics platforms for investigations, eDiscovery, intelligence mining, and compliance.

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DocsCorp products ease comparison, help to protect against information leaks and ensure changes are picked up quickly.

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Tessian uses intuitive technology to understand email communication patterns and quickly spot anomalies, including inadvertent errors.

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thedocyard cuts the time and admin overhead needed to process a deal, by more effectively managing tasks, tracking and exchanging documents.

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SeeUnity makes it easier to access information from multiple systems, either manually or via automated synchronization processes.

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Foundation Software Group

The Foundation platform enables law firms transform their disparate data about clients, matters, lawyers, and parties into usable and actionable information.

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