Complex document assembly and automation made simple

verowave enables smarter working within Microsoft Office, from basic forms through to powerful legal templates..

What does the verowave solution offer Morae clients?

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software packages used by professional services firms around the world and is often the tool of choice for our clients. By integrating verowave software into our bespoke solutions, we enhance document production, assembly and automation capabilities, ultimately saving time and improving accuracy and consistency.

With verowave, creating and populating templates that more closely meet your firm’s requirements can be done quickly and easily – and all without the need for a software engineer. Templates can then be hosted in the cloud, facilitating multi-site deployment and allowing for collaborative working.

Our partnership with Verowave Technologies

Morae is the first consultancy to secure a partnership with Verowave Technologies. Having worked with their senior technical team in the past, we were excited to explore the benefits of their newly launched solution suite. And with their relentless focus on meeting client and user needs perfectly, they were a natural fit with the Morae ethos.

How we add value

A natural fit with Morae solutions, verowave integrates tightly with core and external systems such as Active Directory, iManage, CRM and SQL databases, facilitating easy and efficient document population on demand. By embedding verowave into your Morae solution, we can further meet the needs of your professionals, wherever they are based.